Next Dispensers BV introduces a new generation of products to accurately dispense medicines into the pouch matching each patient’s specific needs.

Current systems on the market are all based on technology from the 1980s and despite the leap forward at the time and subsequent ongoing small improvements, no new revolutionary innovation has emerged.

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Contamination can be caused by a number of different factors:

  • Drop errors
  • Dust and particles from other pills in the incorrect pouch
  • Dust and particles residue in the unit.

We believe we can achieve an error rate of a maximum of 1 per 10,000 pouches (0.001%) and we are striving to improve this further.

Current users of existing machines report return errors of 7 to 15 per 1,000 (1.5%) giving MEDMASTER® around 100 times improved accuracy.

The MEDMASTER® series has been developed to reduce contamination and to improve cleaning both in time and quality. MEDMASTER® is easy to clean, all that is needed is a dishwasher.
The MEDMASTER® system has been developed with improved performance in these key areas:

  • Accuracy ensuring the correct pill being delivered into the correct pouch.
  • Cleanliness when delivering the pills into the pouches.
  • Production output & efficiency.
  • Reduced staffing levels.
The MEDMASTER®500 holds up to 500 cassettes and by combining four units this can be increased to 2,000 cassettes enabling pouches to be filled from a buffer of 2,000 different medications. Our packing lines are designed to fill 2 pouches per second with a technical capacity of 3 per second. Cassettes can be changed within 15 seconds while the machine is operating. MEDMASTER® can run up to 20 hours per day.
MEDMASTER® has been developed for easy maintenance and servicing, low staffing levels and the flexibility to combine the 100, 250 & 500 cassette units. Combining two 500 units increases capacity to 1,000 cassettes on less than 50 square meters and by expanding the system it can grow to meet your business needs.

Gamp Compliance

Patient safety is our major concern and we take it very seriously. We aim to be GAMP compliant by mid 2015.

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In today’s environment “zero tolerance” is a major issue when addressing medication errors. We have developed the MEDMASTER® series from scratch to incorporate the latest technology available. We have consulted current dispenser users and have been able to identify key improvement areas to help us achieve our goals.

We do not claim to offer “zero tolerance”, however, it is only by taking this approach that we have been able to develop a completely new system and achieve improved results in the areas of contamination, errors and efficiency.


In addition we have developed the NEXTCASSETTE with an improved, reliable tablet release system. The NEXTCASSETTE is more economical and replaces any cassettes you currently use.

The NEXTCASSETTE has an optional feature to handle broken tablets thus ensuring dispensing is more economical and reliable. We are currently patenting this new innovation.


As a new organization we have a dedicated team of innovative professionals. Our goal is to improve the reliability of medication dispensing to the benefit of the pharmacist and the patient.

We are dedicated!

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